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Made You Think

Nov 7, 2017

The difference in even doing a little bit of preparation between doing nothing for a disaster is massive.

Today we’re discussing what you should know about preparing for doomsday, centered around the book “Emergency” by Neil Strauss. What will you do when a massive hurricane, earthquake, or fire hits? When a terrorist attack happens? When the power grid goes down and you’re stuck in your home with rapidly depleting supplies? These aren’t fun topics to think about… but it’s better to plan for them now than suffer the consequences of hiding our heads in the sand.

We cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Surviving various disasters and life-threatening situations
  • Minimizing your damage from threats and disasters
  • Protecting yourself from terrorist threats
  • Future societal outcomes after apocalyptic events
  • Leaving the country to avoid disaster
  • Hiding caches and finding water
  • Utilizing the five flag system for optimal security

And much more. Please enjoy, and be sure to grab a copy of Emergency and to check out Nat’s notes on the book!

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0:00 - Powerful introductory quote, the beginning of the discussion, and some information on what the book’s about.

4:39 - Some thoughts on prepping and some popular misconceptions with prepping. Also, thoughts on why you may want to get into prepping for disasters.

7:27 - Discussion on various disaster scenarios, looting, gangs, and the social unrest that arises. Also, how these situations can make us irrational.

11:50 - Thoughts on various genocides around the world and the death tolls of them.

15:00 - The author’s perspective on possible outcomes during various apocalyptic events and some discussion on these events. Also, some talk regarding tribes and the events that happened from the year 1900 and onwards.

20:33 (Tangent #1) Discussion on what may happen with nation states and states succeeding in regards to war. Also, some talk about various laws and types of governments.

27:46 - The author’s three strategies regarding various disasters and surviving them. Also, some information on why rescue teams don’t always show up as soon as the disasters happen and some thoughts on how many people have died during recent natural disasters.

33:48 - The first challenge of escaping. Describing the five flag system and detailing how to go about achieving that system. Also, evading income tax by living in Puerto Rico and getting paid to start a business there, same with Chile.

42:23 - Some signs that you should leave the country and some discussion on these signs. Also, discussion on the media being warped to make us think a certain way.

46:30 - What makes things go viral and get shared. Some thoughts on these driving forces. Also, how much it typically would cost to achieve the five flag system mentioned earlier.

49:56 - The next part on surviving these disasters and traveling away from the country to avoid possible disasters.

52:30 - Some more discussion on survival, hunting, diet, and training yourself to survive beforehand, especially training your instincts. Also, some in-depth discussion on escaping from Long Island and the usefulness of being able to sail.

1:04:26 - How the author learned how to do all of these things. Also, the three qualities and the three skills that will help you out greatly in various disasters. What you should learn to survive in various situations mentioned, as well.

1:09:00 - Urban survival versus wilderness survival and some thoughts on this. Some talk about protecting yourself with weapons and owning guns, as well.

1:16:42 - What you should do first when a disaster hits and what you should do last.

1:18:42 - Where to find safe drinking water in your home if you run out of water. Also, storing water, protecting yourself from nuclear threats, and some talk on bomb threats in general.

1:23:20 - What to do if you’re in a building where a bomb explodes, minimizing damage from shooters, what to watch out for when lost, information on solar stills, and the minimum amount of water needed daily for survival.

1:31:05 - Some other things that you can do to help your survival chances.

1:36:20 - Information on hiding items and caches, and some more information on finding water and drinking from streams.

1:39:36 - The last section on rescuing and EMT training. Also, what’s currently most likely to kill you here in America.

1:44:23 - (Tangent #2) Self-driving and the possible fragility of the self-driving system. Some thoughts on security, hacking, driving, and fossil fuels, as well.

1:49:34 - Wrap-up. Some last thoughts on surviving various disasters and prepping.

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People who can stay rational and who can maintain hope, tend to always survive these dire scenarios more.